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Use Cases

Real World Examples

Use Cases for Earth Observation

Earth Observation is used where decision-making requires insight about things that happen in remote locations, across multiple locations or over broad areas; often across the globe.  This geospatial insight typically involves changes that happen over time.

There is a huge range of industries and applications for which Earth Observation can help with decision making.  For example, it is commonly used to monitor:

  • Understanding climate change
  • Monitoring our environment
  • Border surveillance
  • Civilian security
  • Responding to natural disasters
  • Monitoring global stock-piles and commodities production
Use Cases

Industries & Applications


Enhanced decision making in the metals and minerals industries, based on production activity.


Remote sensing and real-time data improves decision-making, improving crop yields and reducing production costs.

Defence, Security & Intelligence

Military reconnaissance, detection systems for defence, geospatial intelligence & national security applications.


Enhanced land and carbon management decision making for government organisations, as well as law enforcement.

Production & Supply Chain Monitoring

Monitoring of production capacity and supply chains for particular industries.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring state and organisation locations for potential infrastructure problems.


High quality, very high-resolution mapping services.

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