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We reduce the complexity and cost of geospatial insight, so you can harness its power with sensible budgets and without needing to build your own expertise. 

We offer a range of services; from consultancy to special projects, from data sales to sophisticated information services that are easy for non-technologists to use.

Our services include:



Get the most out of your projects

Whatever your situation, we can offer consultancy to offer advice or to help you understand, scope and design your project.

Common requests are for help to
  • Understand whether Geospatial insight can solve a problem;
  • Run a proof of concept;
  • Scope and design a special project;
  • Understand how best to source data.

Whatever your need, you will find us helpful, proactive and easy to do business with.


Special Projects

Harness the technology

Our Special Projects cater for organisations who suspect they could make better decisions and obtain competitive advantage by utilising Geospatial insights, but who are not in a position to harness the technology themselves; in particular to do it cost-effectively.

We are experts at helping organisations to understand their requirements for decision-making data, designing a cost-effective data source and putting it into production.  We can do this as a one-off or as an ongoing project.

We have undertaken special projects across multiple use cases, such as monitoring of global stock-piles, providing decision making insight on global metals production activity, helping customers make crop management decisions, monitoring borders, providing insight on aircraft dispositions.

Find out more about how we run special projects, and how they could help your situation.


Data Supply

Simplify data procurement

Our Data Supply service is for organisations who want to process Earth Observation data themselves, but who want help navigating the vast range of operators and data sources, to get the best value for money, and to simplify procurement.


SAVANT (Metals smelting insight)

Production Monitoring for Metals

Stakeholders in the metals smelting supply chain face difficult challenges obtaining accurate, timely and reliable information about smelting activity across the globe.

Earth Observation is particularly well suited to global production monitoring.  Satellite data can be passed through a series of automated processing steps to detect and measure the characteristic operational fingerprints of individual production sites.  This gives stakeholders a reliable, timely source of insight without them having to be technology experts.

Read our use-case on Earth Observation for production monitoring

Savant provides indicators of smelter activities around the globe, in an easy-to-understand format, covering multiple metals and minerals.



Increase your knowledge

Our Savant service and our Special Projects help customers achieve their goals without requiring skills in Earth Observation or advanced data analytics.  However, some customers prefer to insource skill-sets to suit their situation.

Our Training Service provides personal and small-group training, tailored to the needs of each customer.  We design training to suit the background and goals of each audience and can provide anything from a high-level technology overview to detailed tuition.

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