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Production monitoring for Chemical production

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We created a service to monitor the operational status of the chemical plants involved in production of a major industrial commodity, at numerous sites around the world.

We designed an innovative monitoring scheme that used a number of features relevant to the production process, from a variety of data sources.  This allowed us to identify the status of processing lines around the world in a reliable, timely and cost-effective manner.

We gathered a range of archive data at Very High Resolution (<1m) to baseline the model.  We then designed a protocol involving High Resolution (3-10m) data to allow an adequate revisit rate and optimised cost.

For new sites we also gathered fortnightly Very High Resolution (1m) to monitor start-up activities.

We presented the data in a similar fashion to our market-leading SAVANT service, allowing business users to see operational status clearly, quickly and simply.  The outputs included operational status (operational / non-operational) and  dispersion index (how active a site is compared to the usually-observed level of activity at the site).

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